Calling All Milspouses- PCSing, DITY, TMO, and Insanity

How I’m Feeling right now

A cup of coffee.

Mumford & Sons.

And my cute baby on my lap as I type this.

While there’s momentary peace, PCSing is still lingering all over this home. One month and some change left. Am I nervous? Yes. Am I scared? I’m not going to lie, a little. Am I sad? A tad. Am I stressed? OH BOY, I am. Now that I basically self assessed myself on my blog for everyone to read, I’m calling all military spouses for HELP!


Pro’s? Con’s? Which outweighs them all? Is partial DITY a possibility in the USMC and what is it specifically? How early can TMO come to your place and pack you up? How early does it arrive at your new location?

Here’s a little info on our PCS- Fort Gordon, GA (Augusta area), First PCS as a family but husband’s second PCS. Will be PCSing a baby and a dog. First time in the South for this Californian. June. AHHH.

So milspouse’s, kindly weigh in with your experiences! Share this with your milspouse friends and beg them (or bribe them, whatever) to weigh in. And please share your survival guide!

Cannot wait to get this all moving along so that we can enjoy some Southern hospitality and maybe even some sweet tea!

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